Online Research Club

Everyone can do research!


In 2011, the idea of this group was proposed by Nguyen Tien Huy, M.D., Ph.D, Associate Professor at Department of Clinical Product Development, Institute of Tropical Medicine, Nagasaki University.

Since the years, we started to expand and flourish as any successful eternity and brought our work to Facebook.


Dr. Nguyen Tien Huy always believed that everyone can do scientific research
if they are encouraged and guided properly to participate in research activities. 

Since then, ORC has become the destination of many young researchers coming from many countries around the world with broad interests and skills. We aim for a broad and international approach and to engage with cognate fields and disciplines. 

Part of the group’s roles is to drive research proposals and coordinate and support applications for funding. Many members have successfully graduated from ORC with publications in some of the prestigious journals in the scientific literature. Some of our researchers got researchers' funds while others won great scholarships and awards. 

Also, it gave the chance for many young researchers to engage in primary studies through doing the part of the job that can be done online with the benefit of winning authorship.