Six years ago, the idea of this group was proposed by Nguyen Tien Huy, M.D., Ph.D, Associate Professor at Department of Clinical Product Development, Institute of Tropical Medicine, Nagasaki University. At first, we started using e-mails and our forum to work and communicate. Three years ago, we started to expand and flourish as any successful eternity and brought our work to Facebook. ASSOC PROF Nguyen Tien Huy always believed that everyone can do scientific research if they are encouraged and guided properly to participate in research activities. Since then, ORC has become the destination of many young researchers coming from many countries around the world with broad interests and skills. We aim for a broad and international approach and to engage with cognate fields and disciplines. Part of the Group’s role is to drive research proposals and coordinate and support applications for funding. Many members have successfully graduated from ORC with publications in some of the prestigious journals in the scientific literature. Some of our researchers got researchers funds while others won great scholarships and awards. Also, it gave the chance for many young researchers to engage in primary studies through doing the part of the job that can be done online with the benefit of winning authorship. ORC has a great partners and has collaborated with professors who had publication with an IF > 20. We always aim high IFs with many studies targeting IF >5. ORC has been and will always be the best place to be if you are interested in scientific research.

1- By conducting systematic reviews we aim to explore :-
The current state of knowledge in Infectious diseases, genetics, neuroscience, developmental, cognitive and educational psychology, communication science and key areas of health and behavior.
The leading hypotheses of current interest and future directions in research.
The practical implications of current research for effective educational and developmental interventions and preventative healthcare.
The factors involved in transferring knowledge from research to practice
The outcomes from research and practice for quality of life improvements for people with different chronic diseases.
2- Assessment of the current state of research to Identify the key questions about a topic that need further research.
3- To contribute to the field by moving research forward. Reviewing the literature lets us see what came before, and what did and didn't work for other researchers.
4- To explore The opportunities for multinational interdisciplinary collaboration and pooled data resources.
5-To train new generations of researchers in the best way possible.
​6- To Publish high quality work in the most prestigious, top ranked journals to ensure the spread of the benefit as much as possible.

To achieve our vision, hundreds of ORC members from across the globe work on more than 160 research studies, collectively spending thousands of work hours, weekly. To join ORC, young researchers of zero experience have to pass through 10 modules of basic scientific research skills then they become eligible to join ORC research studies .

The research directions of our studies include: 

1. Systematic review and meta-analysis of health care interventions and risk factors
2. Quality assessment and improvement of research methodologies.
3. Original research on diseases’ risk factors, pathogenesis, and biomarkers.
4. Surveys on health care
5. Early prediction of severe cases of diseases.
6. Clinical trials to develop new treatments.
7. Drug discovery

We go through the present literature and select  a topic of clinical significance for our studies that is believed to fill knowledge gaps and have potential  impact on current healthcare system. Each study of ORC has a leader who has to organize work and assign tasks for researchers according to ORC guidelines created by ASSOC PROF Nguyen Tien Huy. All of the work done is under strict methodology and guidance of the professor to ensure the state of art and scientific quality.